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 pfa_hp - (boolicious1026)
06:23pm 25/08/2006
The nominations are in and it's time to vote! Remember, each person may vote only once. If multiple votes with the same IP address are cast, all votes with that IP address will be deleted. You may vote anonymously or signed into your LJ account. Only the moderators will be able to see the comments. Each comment will remain private.

At the bottom of the entry is a ballot that you may copy and paste into the comments section. After doing this, simply scroll back up to each category and copy and paste one vote for each category under the corresponding category title.

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Affiliate Buttons
 pfa_hp - (boolicious1026)
12:09am 28/07/2006
If you would like to affiliate PFA, there are six different buttons to choose from below.

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 pfa_hp - (boolicious1026)
03:04pm 25/07/2006
There are ten categories in the Prodigious FanFiction Awards. Each is based on categories found at the various archives.

Abbreviation - Best Ficlet/Drabble

Amusement - Best Fluff/Humor Fic

Competition - Best Challenge Response

Emotion - Best Angst/Drama

Entangled - Best Crossover

Passion - Best Romance

Preternatural - Best Slash/Femmeslash Fic

Prevalence - Best Het Fic

Salacity - Best PWP

Universal - Best General Fic

Some of the categories have been combined as they are very similar in nature. Each category will contain twenty nominees. This leaves room for 200 different stories. There are only two stories allowed per author, and only one category per story is allowed. In the case that more than one person should nominate an author or story, the nomination received first will be the one used. There will be a winner, a 1st runner-up, and a 2nd runner-up in each category. If a story has won, or received 1st or 2nd runner-up in a previous round, it is not eligible for nomination in following rounds.

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 pfa_hp - (boolicious1026)
12:52pm 25/07/2006
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There are many other awards sites out there, and many people do not like the nomination and voting process found at other award sites. It is the hope of PFA to turn what can be a hurtful process into a positive experience for all those involved. Every fanfiction writer puts of themselves into their stories, and PFA strives to give credit to each and every one of the wonderful authors found throughout the community.
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