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Prodigious FanFiction Awards

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Welcome to the Prodigious FanFiction Awards. The word prodigious means extraordinary or marvelous. PFA celebrates the wide and wonderful variety of Harry Potter fanfiction. There are many fics to be found in this fantastic community. It is the goal of PFA to recognize the many authors who contribute to HP fanfiction and provide us all with an escape from everyday life.

PFA has taken measures to avoid cheating and voting more than once. Each comment, nomination, or vote made is screened and only viewable by the moderator(s). Each IP address is logged with the post, which is also only viewable by the moderator(s). This alleviates the ability to vote more than once. Anonymous posts are allowed, so it is not necessary to have a livejournal account to comment, nominate, or vote. All comments not revealing nomination or voting information will be unscreened for all to see as soon as it is viewed by the moderator. So, if you have a question, it will be viewable by all so as to avoid the same question being asked more than once.

Each story nominated is eligible for one category only, with a maximum of two stories written by the same author allowed for nomination per round. This allows for more authors/stories to be recognized for their efforts/quality. If a story has won, or received 1st or 2nd runner-up in a previous round, it is not eligible for nomination in future rounds. There will be a winner, a 1st runner-up, and a 2nd runner-up in each category.

When a nomination has been viewed by the moderator(s), it will be added to the list as soon as it is deemed eligible. Nominations should include the title, author name, main pairing, and any warnings. Examples of warnings: character death, HBP spoilers, non-con, BSDM, etc. You will also need to give a link to the story. If you have the author's email address, please provide that as well. If you do not have the email address, please also provide a link to their main author account so the contact option on their account can be utilized in order to inform the candidate of their nomination.

PFA is a friendly community. Any attacks made on a nominee by another nominee are forbidden. Should any problems arise, action will be taken to ensure a clean contest. If continued problems arise, eligibility in that particular round of awards could be lost. This is only to ensure that everyone is treated with respect, regardless of an individual’s opinion. A story that is loved by some may not be liked by others. That is what makes this fandom so eclectic. You can have an atypical pairing and still find people who enjoy it. So, please act like adults. There is no room for adolescent behavior here.

There are many other awards sites out there, and many people do not like the nomination and voting process found at other award sites. It is the hope of PFA to turn what can be a hurtful process into a positive experience for all those involved. Every fanfiction writer puts of themselves into their stories. PFA strives to give credit to each and every one of the wonderful authors found throughout the community.

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