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 pfa_hp - (boolicious1026)
03:04pm 25/07/2006
There are ten categories in the Prodigious FanFiction Awards. Each is based on categories found at the various archives.

Abbreviation - Best Ficlet/Drabble

Amusement - Best Fluff/Humor Fic

Competition - Best Challenge Response

Emotion - Best Angst/Drama

Entangled - Best Crossover

Passion - Best Romance

Preternatural - Best Slash/Femmeslash Fic

Prevalence - Best Het Fic

Salacity - Best PWP

Universal - Best General Fic

Some of the categories have been combined as they are very similar in nature. Each category will contain twenty nominees. This leaves room for 200 different stories. There are only two stories allowed per author, and only one category per story is allowed. In the case that more than one person should nominate an author or story, the nomination received first will be the one used. There will be a winner, a 1st runner-up, and a 2nd runner-up in each category. If a story has won, or received 1st or 2nd runner-up in a previous round, it is not eligible for nomination in following rounds.

Abbreviation - short.
Ficlet - a short story, usually referred to as a one-shot.
Drabble - a story told in exactly 100 words. This does include drabble series.
Amusement - entertaining.
Fluff - light-hearted entertainment.
Humor - a funny story that makes you laugh.
Competition - a contest.
Challenge - a story written in response to a set of rules laid out by another person.
Emotion - strong feelings.
Angst - a story that leaves you feeling anxious or apprehensive about coming events.
Drama - a story with a serious overtone.
Entangled - crossed.
Crossover - a fic including characters from another book, movie, or television show.
Passion - intense love.
Romance - a story about the love affair between the characters.
Preternatural - unusual or atypical.
Slash - a story featuring love affairs between gay, male, characters.
Femmeslash - a story featuring love affairs between lesbian, female, characters.
Prevalence - usual or normal.
Het - or heterosexual; a story featuring love affairs between male and female characters.
Salacity - lustful.
PWP - porn without plot.
Universal - all-encompassing.
General - a story that doesn't seem to fit into a specific genre.

All main pairings will need to be made clear on each story nominated, whether they are het or slash/femmeslash in nature. The only restrictive categories are the Preternatural, Prevalence, and Entangled categories. Preternatural must have a male/male or female/female pairing as the main pairing in the story. Prevalence must have a male/female pairing as the main pairing in the story. Entangled must have main characters from other books, movies, or television shows actively participating in the story alongside HP characters. A simple mention of another character does not qualify as a crossover story.
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